Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fishing In Southern Utah, 2008


On Friday, the 17th of October (Happy Birthday, Dad) Richard, Nathan, David, Matthew and Dave Higginson went fishing at Piute Reservoir in Southern Utah. The group returned later that afternoon having conquered whatever they set their minds to conquering.

Here is a summary-in both picture and text-of the day's events.

David fishes off the Rocky Pointe at Piute reservoir. Though he didn't actually catch any fish off this point, he did catch multiple fish and had a great time catching too many rays.

Matthew with either one of his multiple fish, or a snag. I don't know which.

Anyway, his form is great.

Matthew in the foreground, Nathan in the Background.

Nathan offered good advice to his younger brothers.

Fish Fear Nathan

Dave looks out on the picturesque scene laid out before him...

The bare-rock vistas, the magic of erosion, the shore-rocks painted white by mineral deposits over the made visible to all by the receding water, the water which would give up no fish to him today.

Dave led us to a great spot, and then wasn't able to partake of its bounty for himself.

Kind of Like Moses.

Matthew watches intently as he gauges the likelihood that there is a LUNKER trout on the end of his line.

Matthew, sometimes impatient, caught at least two gorgeous fish on this day.

Further down the shore Dave (David Wayne) looks for a reason why he has not caught a fish yet.

Life is full of mysteries.

David waits for the telltale tug on his line while Nathan does something more active.
Nathan was the most prolific fish-catcher on this trip, while David, Matthew and Richard each caught multiple trout.

David, Nathan, Matthew and Dave hold up the Beautiful string of Rainbow Trout which were slaughtered for their flesh during our outing to Piute Reservoir.

Matthew didn't want to touch them.

Ready to Go Home............................................
Here we have the Higginson Love Wagon on the shores of Beautiful Piute Reservoir...just south of Marysvale, Utah. NOT Marysville....Marysvale.
The day was beautiful, though cool enough that David didn't notice he was getting COOKED by the sun.

Monday, September 22, 2008

GoCart Madness 2008

The pictures and the story are backward as I forgot that you should upload the items in reverse order. Robert was the last driver, thus he shall be first. Mark was the first driver and so shall he be last. So let it be written, so let it be let the GOCART BLogPost Begin!

Robert going so fast that my Canon 3.2 megapixel camera can't keep up with him. I took two blank frames before successfully(barely) catching him at the edge of this shot.

Robert "Earnhardt" Higginson flips the crowd the bird...or says he's number one, or something as he scorches the track coming out of pit row.

Robert went on to run faster than anyone else who spun out on most of their laps.

This guy may as well try to rebound against Nairn in high school as try to keep up now that Nairn has passed his rear-end.

You go, MREO!

Nairn "FLASH" Higginson on a hot lap. Nairn doesn't have a "coming out of the pits", due to the fact that I was still in the pits.

This race was not the pits. It rocked!!!

The "flash" refers to the hike on Nairn's shorts!

Richard on one of his hot laps....
Custom photography by Mark Comcast.

: )

Richard coming out of the pits in style....Scott Archibald's shirt and Kirkland jeans!

You go, boy.

John R. Strrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaaakkkkkssssss by on one of his hot laps.

John "Sexy Legs" Richardson steams out of the pits on his way to Cart Glory. Despite the aerodynamic drag from his woolly legs, John posted respectable times.

John H starts another of his "hot" laps. We called him Hot Laps Houlihan.

Not really.

John "BLAZE" Higginson- certainly the most optimistic racer at the start of the event- leaves the pits with a New York Salute to the crowd of onlookers. He will go on to dominate many portions of the track.

Mark Cruises past the GrandStand on one of his "hot" laps. Go Speed Racer, Go!

Mark "Tight" Higginson leaves the pits in a cloud of smoke. The smoke didn't show up on the picture. Mark created a fantastic opportunity for some of the men in the family to spend some fun time together. Mark also was the first to race...thus providing valuable lessons for those who would follow.

John "Sexy Brown Eyes" Richardson relaxes before the heats begin. With eyes like that, is it any wonder Lisa just had to have him forever?

Lynn Dad, former NASCAR team owner and current coach of the Bountiful DREAM CART TEAM. He looks skeptical of the outcome.

The enthusiastic and optimistic racers pose for a pre-race, post-rule-sheet-pickup photo. Notice particularly the confident pose of each racer.

Friday, July 13, 2007

First Posting

This is my new blog. I hope it will bring you as much happiness in the reading as it has given me in the creating!